Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication is a process of creating metal products out of a combination of available raw materials. Metal fabrication involves manual tools along with automated machinery to produce metal objects or buildings by cutting, bending, and assembling different raw materials, ultimately reaching the final product design. Metal fabrication is the art and science of combining different properties of metals in order to provide designs for products and devices that can be used for aesthetic and functional purposes. Structural steel fabricators are experts at designing metal buildings, ships, tunnels, and other metal products from a variety of metal alloys and iron alloys. Custom Metal Fabrication can help to meet the diverse requirements of clients and projects, from simple requirements of creating prototypes for new designs to complex requirements for building structural steel structures.

Structural Steel Fabrication involves the use of various cutting tools like hydraulic shears, hand tools, grinders, and drills, along with fasteners and fastening systems such as welding, bolted fasteners, nuts and bolts, and even sheet metal bending and turning processes. The main process units include cutting, bending, forming, riveting, gluing, etc. In addition to these core processes, Custom Metal Fabrication includes processes like stamping, electroplating, forging, crimping, etc. For example, in order to form tubes, pipes, diodes, and other products, manufacturers may opt for tubular products, tubes, and hollow components, among others. They may also create tubes, vessels, and other non-uses products such as clamps, hinges, pins, and screws.

In order to do custom metal fabrication, fabricators must possess a wide range of skills that can be grouped into different functional groups. This can include woodworking skills such as hand tools, routers, hand saws, soldering, etc., or can include welding, metal fabricators, machine shop operators, sheet metal fabricators, and fastenersmiths. Fabricators must also be familiar with a variety of tools and machines, both stationary and portable. The fabricator will also need to be skilled in estimating material costs.


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